Ep. 13 – Outro

Posted by Ryan on February 9, 2012

The IGDATC Podcast is finally here.  Better late than never.

Scheduling conflicts, sickness and required game play and game development sessions delayed the podcast recording this month.  After the pixel dust settled we dusted off our mics, invited a special guest and set our sites on record.  We are proud able to bring you our 13th episode of the International Game Developers Association Twin Cities Chapter podcast.  Special Guest, a local game developer Martin Grider.

We invite your feedback and comments. Thank you for listening.

Show Notes

What We’ve Been Doing and Other Nonsense

  • Martin: Go variant for iPhone, Game Jam,
  • Tori:  more audio gigs including QONQR going half time
  • Jacque: SciEnt changing? and SWTOR, excited for Mass Effect 3
  • Ryan:  Hungry Monsters prototype, ryanfoss.com updated, suit = important, Making of Prince of Persia

Discussion Topics and Links

  • IGDATC Website has comments enabled now.  Come and comment on our podcast post!
  • Podcast on iTunes – Note, Ryan’s comment on the podcast on iTunes is gone and we confused it with another
  • Last month’s meeting discussion (video)
    • Martin and the iCade
    • Global Game Jam 2012 (the Nerdery = Awesome!  Thanks again!)
    • Doug and iOS with Game Center
  • Best games of the year
    • Minecrack Minecraft
    • Portal 2
    • Limbo
    • Darksiders
    • Atom Zombie Smasher (and Flotilla)
    • Skyrim, Skyrim
    • Star Wars the Old Republic
    • Flower Board
    • Ascension
    • Carcassonne
    • Voxatron
    • Space Pirates and Zombies (SPAZ)
  • 2012 Newsworthy stuff
    • PSN hacked
    • Duke Nukem came out
    • 2,500 Video view of IGDATC meetings
    • Favorite presentations of 2011
  • Next Month’s meeting notes
    • Global Game Jam 2012 game play party
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