Ep. 26 — The XBone Move

Posted by Ryan on July 12, 2013

The IGDATC Podcast Episode 26, The XBone Move!

It turns out is hard to be interesting, so Ryan and Tori invite Zach Wendt and free agent Ryan Schaefer to join them and discuss E3.  That’s right, E3 happend and the podcast crew is full of opinions, information and false memories!  They also talk about Zach’s experience with, and recent IGDATC presentation regarding his Oculus Rift, the new and affordable VR headset (made popular on Kickstarter).  Host Ryan also shares his Ouya experience, and how his family is accepting another console.  So plug in your controller, wave your arms, put on your headset interface and prepare to download!

Show Notes

  • E3 discussion
    • Microfost XBox One vs. Sony PS4
      • both have almost the same tech specs, but one has more shaders and better memory
      • one is about TV
      • one has a cloud
      • one has indies (well, they both do, but one has indies like Mojang and the other has indies like Octodad)
      • both have paywalls
      • one allows you to share (well, both now since one did a 180)
      • one has a new Kinect
      • both have new controllers (rumble triggers and touch pads)
    • Nintendo was absent
      • what does that mean?
  • Oculus Rift
    • head chopped off
    • moving fast makes you sick
    • moving at all can make you sick
    • Ryan gets sick
  • Ouya
    • Ouya, is it worth the $100?
    • reminiscent of XBox Indie Games (yea, in the bad way)
    • discovery is tough
    • not a lot of games
    • kids love it (annoyingly so)
    • Amazing Frog! Ouya is best as a social, multiplayer in the same room experience
    • this is good, this is bad!

Special Guests

  • Zach Wendt is the president of the IGDA Twin Cities chapter.
  • Ryan Schaefer is a free agent

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