Ep 29 — Three Times The Charm

Posted by Ryan on December 9, 2013

The IGDATC Podcast Episode 29, Three Times the Charm

After a typical delay, we’re happy to release our latest podcast ramblings. Ryan, Tori and Martin discuss various game related happenings, movies, and the upcoming next generation consoles.

Show Notes

  • Martin discusses his business, a custom game engine he’s made for iOS, and some projects,
  • Ryan’s Game Progress
  • Martin wrote an article for IGDA Perspectives, When Board Games Go Mobile
  • Tori discusses his presentation on Game Audio using WISE in Unity
  • Candy Box 2 sucks… you in! Martin recommends StackExchange
  • Ryan plays GTAV, plays the stock market
  • Diablo 3 auction house is going away
  • Ryan’s Galaxy Nexus phone died, so he’s on iOS 7.
  • Next Generation Consoles discussion, who’s getting one, or why not.
  • Apportable as applied by local devs, and some greater known developers.
  • Steam games, playing games on Steam, and the upcoming Steam Machine, and the Steam Controller (with Haptics?)
  • Interviews
    • Meeting thoughts,
    • local success and failures of game companies,
    • Jelly Flop! and group doodles!

Special Thanks, Man-On-The-Street Interviewer

  • Martin Grider is a local game developer who has games on iOS and Mac.  He’s an independent contractor with his company Abstract Puzzle.

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