Games Played at May Multiplayer Extravaganza

Posted by Zachary J on May 8, 2014

Huge thanks to all the Glitch, IGDATC, and greater community folks who came out to yet another fun Multiplayer Extravaganza! Once again we had a mix of great games going on several screens, with big crowds gathered around each one. There was some tabletop gaming going on as well, and local game makers doing some play testing on their laptops.

Towerfall saw a lot of action throughout the night. We got to test another build of Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime. Big thanks to Asteroid Base for sharing! Nidhogg was a new game at our event, and was a total blast. Also new to this event were Goat Simulator and Octodad. The necessary sacrifices were made to the goat gods and Demon Goat appeared in Goat Simulator, along with brief but hilarious appearances of Tall Goat and Feather Goat. Watching four players control limbs on an Octopus performing self checkout at a grocery store in Octodad was a sight to be seen.


At this Extravaganza we introduced the Local Game Screen. All night long we had a big screen dedicated to locally made games. The Local Game Screen is an awesome opportunity for us to share feedback and encouragement with our fellow game makers. We hope you’ll bring your own game, too!

We had nine games shared by seven local game makers, with most featured on the Local Game Screen itself and with additional mobile games being showcased nearby.

A Druid's Duel
chimera screenshot
  • A Druid’s Duel by Kris Szafranski — This gorgeous looking multiplayer strategy game really pulled us in. Next time I’m going to not forget about the attacking eagles.
  • Action Go by Martin Grider — This iOS game is a really interesting mix of Go and Tetris mechanics! It is also coming to desktop soon.
  • Astral Breaker by Intropy Games — A great Head-to-Head arcade puzzler for establishing your astrological superiority. Virgos vs Sagittariuses (Sagittari?)… doesn’t matter, Aquarius is best.
  • Catchup by Martin Grider — Martin was also play-testing this colorful hexagonal strategy puzzle game for iOS.
  • Chimera by Shanti Pothapragada — We highly encourage you to bring your works-in-progress and we can’t wait to play the next version of Shanti’s multiplayer Metroid-like game. He had his notebook at-the-ready for feedback. Smart.
  • Destroy The Invincible by Aaron Olson — We had some insane laser blasting fun with this new take on the Tower Defense genre. Thanks to Aaron for being another person willing to showcase a game still in the development phase!
  • Dethdate 2000 by Corey Bertelsen — Navigating a death metal concert in Dethdate 2000 was so Metal… and so wonderfully weird. The dialogue in this game had the crowd laughing pretty hard.
  • Eye Cycle by Zachary Johnson — This asymmetric three-player game with a giant eyeball is still in progress. Thanks for the folks who tried it and gave feedback!
  • Protoboros by Zachary Johnson — Intense two-player dogfighting battles with snakes (snakefighting?) left more than one person with sore thumbs. Pressing harder doesn’t make you go faster, but we all tried!

Thanks again to Glitch and IGDATC organizers for putting the event together. Thanks to everyone who showed up and played the games. Big thanks to the local game makers who shared their work! Let us know in the comments if we missed mentioning any games that were played.


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