IGDATC March 2015 – GDC Recap and a Video Game Graduate Study

Posted by IGDA Twin Cities on March 3, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CDT)

Eventbrite - IGDATC March 2015 - GDC Recap and a Video Game Graduate Study

GDC Recap

It’s a week after GDC and some talented, local game developes have volunteered to discuss some GDC topics. Additonally, if time permits, we will have an open forum for discussing some of the bigger news events. So bring your favorite stories from GDC – a favorite talk, demo, conversation, big announcement, experiences, hero sightings, questions, etc.

  • Jerry Belich and Kristina Durivage had projects accepted in Alt.Ctrl.GDC! Jerry will talk about their projects A.F.T.E.R.G.L.O.W. and Robo Mama’s Cooking Kitchen, and the other alternative input exibits at the show.
  • Topher Pirkl and Troy Strand from Yelow Chord Audio will present a GDC Audio Recap.
  • Zach Went will present some of the news about VR hardware and technolof.
  • Open discussion, time permitting.
  • Want to add something to this list? Contact us!

Member Project – Does it matter who you play with? An investigation of socially supported learning in a multiplayer video game environment – Nic VanMeerten

Many people enjoy engaging with the complex systems within video games that are created for entertainment. Although, it is difficult to teach people how complex systems work. Several exploratory studies have shown that learning within these video games is driven by social interaction. Thus, based on theories of learning, it is reasonable to believe that individuals who play with those that are more skilled than themselves will develop at a faster pace and have a more enjoyable experience learning the game. To study this hypothesis, logged player behavior data from the popular video game League of Legends will be used to investigate whether playing with more skilled players will translate to larger gains in performance and a better understanding of the game itself. The findings from this study will provide insight into how people learn within video game environments, which may inform the development of more efficient training systems in multiplayer video games.

Nic is the Directory of Interactive Technology for Glitch and is a gradutate student at the University of Minnesota. This is his first-year gradutate project.


Plug My Thing!

In addition to informal verbal plugs, we’ll also show your trailer, user group, recruitment page, promo video, demo reel, etc. Grab the appropriate ticket – first come, first served.


  • Short and sweet. 3 minutes max!
  • 1 short URL, Zero setup (Media is streamable from fast/reliable site like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Your Contact info is on page or in video.
  • You were a part of this project, are attending the meeting, and will introduce it.
  • Meet us in the back of the auditorium at least 5-10 minutes early, so we can load your page.


  • 6:00 Pizza and Soda (thanks to the Nerdery!) and socialize.
  • 6:30 Plug My Thing!
  • 6:45 Nic VanMeerten
  • 7:45 GDC Recap

We’ll be heading to Joe Sensers in Bloomington after the event. Come socialize with other local developers.

Many, many thanks to The Nerdery for hosting IGDATC events over the years.


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