MN VR and HCI / GDG-TC Sep 2015: Google Cardboard + Oculus Connect 2

Posted by IGDA Twin Cities on September 15, 2015

Eventbrite - MN VR and HCI / GDG-TC Sep 2015: Google Cardboard + Oculus Connect 2
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (CDT)

NOTE: Please arrive at Vidku before 7.  The door and elevator are locked, we’ll escort you up.

This is a special joint meeting of MN VR and HCI, and GDG-TC (Google Developers Group – Twin Cities.)  Thanks to Vidku for being such great hosts, and making this possible!

VR and Google Cardboard Crash Course – Paul Christian and Zach Wendt

Creating your first VR app can be suprisingly fast, easy, and cheap. But, there’s definitely pitfalls along the way. We’ll get you started out in the right direction!

Zach will give a quick and broad overview of important VR design considerations, and the hardware and human perception factors behind them. Paul will give a tutorial on Google Cardboard development in Unity, and some features of the Cardboard app he made forToursler. The talk will cover:

  • Summary of VR “tiers” – hardware and experiences
  • Overview of relevant human perception factors, with fun illusions
  • VR design Do’s, Don’ts, and painful mistakes
  • Cardboard viewer differences
  • Deciding between the Cardboard SDK for Android, and SDK for Unity
  • Build and Deploy a sample Unity project for Google Cardboard
  • Leveraging Unity scripting to pull data from the internet in real time.

Oculus Connect 2 (oc2) Summary – Various

The second annual Oculus Connect conference is Sept 23-25th. It should be just as jam packed with great info as last year. Check out last years talks for a flavor, Tom Forsyth’s talkwas my favorite.

Since Oculus will be livestreaming and putting all talks online after, we’ll just have informal recaps from attendees – favorite stories, demos, new knowledge and celebrity encounters.  We have at least 3 people from MN going.



There is nearby street parking and surface lots.  In front of Vidku costs more.  Try the lots at 1st and Washington (both sides of Pixel Farm), and 3rd and Hennepin (behind Vidku.)  Bring cash.  Small bills.  Unmarked.



6:30 Social, setup and pizza – Thanks Vidku!
7:00 Plug My Thing
7:15 Oculus Connect recap – various
7:45 Paul Christian and Zach Wendt
9ish Wrap up, head to The Red Cow


Plug My Thing!

In addition to informal verbal plugs, we’ll also show your trailer, user group, recruitment page, promo video, personal project, demo reel, etc. Grab the appropriate ticket – first come, first served.  Guidelines:

  • Short and sweet. 3 minutes max!
  • 1 short URL, Zero setup (Any media is streamable from fast/reliable site like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Your contact info is on page or in video.
  • You were a part of this project, are attending the meeting, and will introduce it.
  • Talk to us at least 5-10 minutes early, so we can load your page.
About MN VR and HCI:
MN VR and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) welcomes developers and tinkerers working with all variety of VR, HCI, hardware hacking, creative coding and interactive art Members are working on projects with custom displays and lenses, projection mapping, mocap, tiny computers, servos and sensors, interactive statues and a wide variety of VR, AR, motion and computer vision applications.

If you’ve only been to our parent group IGDATC meetings, MN VR and HCI is a different format: We aim for smaller group discussions and lots of specific details.

About GDG-TC:
The Google Developer Group – Twin Cities (GDG TC) is a local volunteer-run technology community focused on the latest and greatest technologies from Google. We host meetups and workshops on the first Tuesday of every month, and bring in local and national speakers to share their expertise on a wide variety of topics. Our presentations have covered Android, Cloud, Angular, Firebase, Wearables, and many more topics of interest to the community. The Twin Cities has a wealth of high caliber tech talent and we are excited to be a venue for local experts, even emerging experts, to present to the community on topics of interest.


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