MN VR and HCI Oct 2016: VR Conferences and PSVR Launch

Posted by Martin on October 26, 2016

October is a huge month for VR with launches of PSVR, Google Daydream and Oculus Touch, and also several big conferences.  We’ll blast through the big announcements, videos, new hardware and demo impressions and favorite stories from each – with a strict 20 minute countdown timer for each topic/discussion.  Extended conversations encouraged at the bar afterwards.  All sections are covered, but we’d still like to add a couple different viewpoints.


Here’s our topics, and examples of what you can expect to hear about.  We’ll have some (time limited) Q&A for each section.

Oculus Connect 3 – Bryn Erickson, Mark LaCroix, Zach Wendt

Announcemens, favorite demos, learnings and meetings, impressions of Touch, all the new tech and SDKs…

Google Daydream – Marc Jensen, TBD?

Daydream overview, Hands-on impressions of the new headset and controller, SDK info(?)…

Future of StoryTelling – Marc Jensen

Event overview, favorite takeaways, visionaries and their tech demos…

PSVR Launch – Martin Grider, TBD?

HW/SW impressions, supported configurations, launch details, favorite titles and biggest disappointments, quick comparison to Vive/Rift/GearVR…

Steam Dev Days – Paul Eckhardt, Mark LaCroix

Announcements, favorite demos, learnings and meetings, impressions of the prototype hand controller…



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