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Ice Cold Games ( – A helpful, community member run page hosting details for local events, meetings, get togethers, businesses and leisure activities.

Mailing List

The IGDA Twin Cities has a mailing list google group. It is a general purpose discussion list where we do things like announce events and post local jobs. Anyone who has signed up for it is welcome to post to the group. There is very occasionally discussion that happens there:

Sign up for the mailing list or view the public posts here.

MSP GameDev Slack

There is an active slack channel where IGDA Twin Cities members hang out and chat virtually every day.

Request an invite to the MSP GameDev Slack here. (Or go here if you already have an account.)


You can tweet at @igdatc and we will see it eventually. We love to retweet and follow local game developers!

Google Events Calendar

You can view our public Midwest Game Dev Events Google calendar. A curated list of Upcoming events for game developers. Managed by Midwest Game Developers Facebook group and IGDATC coordinators.


This is the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) chapter for the Minneapolis/St Paul (Twin Cities) metro area in Minnesota, USA. We are an active chapter and usually meet monthly. New visitors are always welcome (with or without IGDA membership).

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