We try and post all of our events here on on the website. But even before we had a website, we had events. Here is a list of events from the days before we had a website:


  • Feb 9th: Dead Space 2 – Sandra Voelker, Senior Technical Artist Visceral Games/EA
  • Jan 27th: IGDA-TC Winter Social at the Chatterbox Pub in Highland Park



  • Dec 3rd: Minnesota Electronic Theater 2009
  • Nov 4th – Games for Android/gPhone by Robert Green, President Battery Powered Games, LLC
    • Member Project: Nate Pacyga, Studio Head Try Catch Games – Recent iPhone and Flash games
  • Sept 3rd – GPU basics and state of the art from SIGGRAPH 2009 – Zach Wendt
    • Member project: 4k Dungeon Romp – Cory Petosky
    • Member project: Multiplayer Tower Defense – Nicholas Bilyk
  • August – No meeting: SIGGRAPH 2009
  • July – No meeting: Convergence 2009
  • June 4th – E3 Highlights and MMO design roundtables
  • May 7th – How to Develop Games the Monster Way – Richard Garcia, president of Monster Games
    • Member project: ActionChess for iPhone – Martin Grider
  • April 8th – Dead Space – Creature creation, from Concept to Gameplay – Sandra Voelker Electronic Arts
    • Member project: GDC recap – various.
  • March 5th – Indie game dev and Arcane-FX miduleware – Jeff Faust Faust Logic
    • Member project: Recent projects and intro to Unity – Matt Gravelle of Graveck
  • Feb 5th – Making and Selling iPhone Games – Andy Korth, Scott Lembcke of Howling Moon Software and Chris Dillman of Plaid World Studios
    • Member Project: Crysis mod and into to Sandbox2 editor – Jesse Comb


  • Dec 11th – Holiday Party at PUNY
  • Nov 6th: Agile Development for Games – Jesse Crafts-Finch – Johnson Simulation Center
  • Sept 2nd: Deconstructing Sandbox Games – Zach Wendt
    • Member Project: Interactive Fiction with Inform, Game Dev at Carleton – John Mawhorter
  • Aug 7th: Member Project Night
  • May 1st: Indie and DS development – Ken Patterson, Matt Heinzen and Don Patterson – Big John Games
  • April 3rd: IMGDC Recap – roundtable session.
  • March 6th: Commercial Flash Games – Seth Walker and Alexis Mason – Ham in the Fridge
  • February 7th: Camera-Controlled Motion Games – Yuichiro Tanabe, Cory Petosky, and Pete Border – Puny Entertainment
  • January 3rd: Video and Traditional Board Games – Martin Grider Go-Tetris and Darrell Hardy


  • December 6th: Holiday Social at PUNY
  • November 1st: Microsoft XNA Introduction and Hands-On – Zach Wendt



  • December 14th: Digital Game Distribution – Wes Pederson
  • October 12th: Tablet Development, and MN Game Jam 1 Games – Gary Dahl
  • August 10th: Sound Effect Basics for Games – Damian Kastbauer  Summary – Slides
  • June 15th: Flash Game Development – Andreas Heim
  • April 13th: GDC and MN Game Jam 0 Wrap-Up – Group
  • March 9th: Teaching Journalism with Never Winter Nights – Matt Taylor
  • February 9th: Dynamic Simulation at Pixar Animation Studios – David Baraff



This is the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) chapter for the Minneapolis/St Paul (Twin Cities) metro area in Minnesota, USA. We are an active chapter and usually meet monthly. New visitors are always welcome (with or without IGDA membership).

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